Vacuum coating of glass

Vacuum coating is a finishing process during which the metal is applied to the surface of the input product by the PVD method. Coating takes place in special vacuum systems and is not only cost-effective but above all very environmentally friendly. The most frequently chosen metals are aluminum and also other pure metals can be used, such as chromium, titanium, silver, gold, and others. This changes the overall durability of the final product, its functional characteristics and acquires an attractive appearance.


In general, several methods of applying metal layers can be used to metalize products. Our company uses the PVD method – vacuum evaporation of metals. The whole process takes place in a vacuum, so it is possible to apply really thin metal layers on a wide range of background materials. The layers, applied in this way, perfectly copy the surface of the product and thus the smallest detail does not disappear. This method is suitable for parts with surface irregularities, also really small objects and parabolas. Due to the fact that the whole process takes place in a vacuum, where the thermal energy spreads much more slowly, there is no need to develop a too high temperature and thus the input material is not stressed. The result is a perfect reflective or interference layer and a decorative metallic look, so-called chrome coating.

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Pavel Žabka

Pavel Žabka