Plastic varnishing

The varnishing process represents the final treatment of the product, either for aesthetic reasons or to increase mechanical and chemical resistance, for example after the previous coating. Among the materials suitable for varnishing, we can include a wide range of plastics (PS, PA, ABS, PC, PP, PE, ABS / PC, PMMA, etc.). Varnished plastics are used, for example, in the automotive industry, healthcare, decorating, construction, or household needs.

Technology and equipment

We use water-soluble and solvent-based paints and varnishes for painting plastics. We offer our customers a wide range of shades in metallic tones and soft coats in shades according to RAL and PANTONE. The offer of structural and transparent varnishes is a matter of course.

The varnishing of products and plastic parts takes a place in modern varnishing boxes, meeting strict ecological standards. Thanks to a personal approach to each order and the fact that the products are painted by hand, we offer our customers a high quality of performed work and flexibility in the change requirements by the client. Based on rich experience, we can meet orders for varnishing products of various shapes and materials.

Quality guarantee

Our company guarantees the quality of delivered services corresponding to strict standards according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Possible uses

Varnished plastics are used not only in the automotive and construction industries, where they are used primarily for components of sanitary products, elements for construction, or car and motorcycle renovations, but you are most likely using these products in everyday life in your home. In addition to these industries, we can also use lacquered plastics in healthcare, where is a high emphasis on antibacterial surfaces, or in the field of decoration and advertising. So, you can meet plastic billboards, trophies, or plastic as part of toys and models.

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Ing. Martina Pavlickova

Ing. Martina Pavlickova