Plastic varnishing

It is a final modification of the product, either for aesthetic reasons or to increase mechanical and chemical resistance, for example after previous plating.

Vacuum coating of plastics

It is a process during which the metal is applied to the surface of the input product, that can be a wide range of substrate materials, including 3D printed models.

Vacuum coating of glass

It is a process in which metal is applied to the surface of a product. This changes the overall durability of the final product, its functional properties and appearance.

Combining tradition and modern technology

PRECIOSA, a.s. is the world’s leading producer of cut crystal and focuses primarily on the production of machine-cut jewelry stones and pearls of top quality in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Among other things, it also produces decorative lamps, glass stoppers, crystal figurines and exclusive jewelry.

The companies of the Preciosa Group are committed to the legacy of previous glass generations, but at the same time, they have the most modern technologies, both for the production and grinding of glass and for various additional processes. Of course, we have our own research base, which allows the development and production of unique machines and the use of top-quality techniques.

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